W42   Surface display technology

W42 has developed a unique GPI-anchor technology to enable the efficient production of proteins on the surface of the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris. As proof of concept the GreenFluorescenceProtein was successfully expressed. This technology will be used under the scope of the EU-project “TargetFish” ( www.targetfish.eu ) for the development of special fish-vaccines.

The surface display technology is usable for the directed development of whole-cell biocatalyst too, and will be offered to partners/customers for e.g. target-oriented conversion of biomass.


Fluorescence-Microscopic photo of P. pastoris cells

expressing the GFP on the surface.













W42   whole-cell biocatalyst / pathway engineering

W42 has developed a special technology for the high-efficient and robust expression of complete pathways in the host strain Pichia pastoris. Up to five genes were cloned in one host strain, which can be combined with different promoters. As proof of concept the two enzymes D-Hydantoinase and D-Carbamoylase were produced in a well coordinated manner to enable the efficient production of special amino acids. The recombinant whole-cell biocatalyst is able to convert 300 mM p-Hydroxyphenylhydantoin to D-p-hydroxyphenylglycine in 8 hours to more than 95%.

This technology will be used for own processes, but is also offered to our customers for development of specific whole-cell biocatalysts.