Protein A - W42 variant - 5 Binding-domains

Actually available as filtrated fermentation supernatant as shown on picture
(50 µl left, 30 µl right), corresponds to 7 mg/ml (Biuret), roughly >80% pure.

Our Protein A molecule contains five high-affinity binding sites capable of interacting with the Fc region from IgG of several species including human and rabbit. Optimal binding occurs at pH 8, although binding is also effective at neutral or physiological conditions (pH 7.0 to 7.6).


Samples available in any scale

5 ml     =   150 €*   

10 ml   =   200 €*

100 ml = 1'000 € 

500 ml = 2'500 €

*plus costs for shipping and cooling, dependent on destination; within EU 40 € 

For higher scale please request a quote.


For our industrial customers we offer 1 ml sample for free.

(customers must assume the costs for shipping only)   


Production of highly-pure preparation under development.