The Future is Biology

Biotechnology is one of the most important future-technologies. Especially the development of modern biocatalysts to replace chemical synthesis for the production of API's and fine-chemicals by environmental benign, costs reducing and resource- and energy-saving processes is a strong growing and innovative sphere of activity.

Furthermore bioactive natural compounds, mainly produced by the different fungi (e.g. Acremonium chrysogenum) or soil bacteria of the order Actinomycetales, are the origin of many commercial important drugs e.g. antibiotics, chemotherapeutics, immunosuppressants or enzyme inhibitors.

The rational strain development for the construction of efficient and exclusive industrial producer strains is the competence of W42.

We offer the development of complete processes including following topics:  


Enzyme Technology

Applying state of the art technology W42 has realized the high-yield production of important technical enzymes using the methylotrophic yeast Pichia pastoris as host. Our major field of activity is the development of efficient biocatalytic processes for the production of important intermediates for the synthesis of advanced β–Lactamantibiotics. In comparison to established processes we achieved a noticeable efficiency increase together with an explicit reduction of costs.

Natural Compounds

W42 are experts on the molecular biology of natural compounds including e.g. the identification of the corresponding gene clusters by specific screening methods and the cloning in genetically accessible host organisms. The rational strain development to realize the efficient and high-yield production of your active agent is our competence. For a rational strain improvement W42 can change the capacity of industrial producer strains by genetic engineering for the optimization of product yield and pattern.


Protein expression - Fermentation - DSP -Biocatalysis

For our customers we offer a licence free P. pastoris expression system. Using optimized genes we reach maximum expression levels in fermentation. Furthermore W42 strains are easy to handle and characterized by a robust and highly reproducible productivity.

For each project we will create a process for cell lysis, enzyme enrichment, enzyme stabilization and enzyme immobilization.

Using your optimized technical enzyme we enable the efficient and cost reducing production of your fine-chemical or API. This includes the optimization of all parameters e.g. pH, temperature, buffer… and the subsequent isolation/purification of your compound.