Fast Track Novel Vaccines for a fast Growing Global Aquaculture Industry

The increasing number of infections by all kind of pathogens is a major problem for the fish industry all over the world. To run aquaculture in a safe, efficient and sustainable way, state of the art vaccines are urgently needed to enable the production of high-quality edible fish for a healthy and cost-effective diet for the globally growing population. W42 is partner of an international consortium comprising different European companies covering all areas of modern fish-industry and health management. Our experts are focused on the development and use of ‘traditional’ high-efficient vaccines that are produced individually for our customers, based on their specific needs. Furthermore development of different recombinant vaccines using the powerful expression platform Pichia pastoris are actually running with great success. First trials by immunization and challenge experiments demonstrate the power of our technology. Basically we offer the development and production of customer specific vaccines (GMO and non-GMO) based on the analysis of samples directly from the individual fish-farm. By this unique service we can support our customers individually to run modern aquaculture with maximal outcome.

Recombinant vaccines under development:

VHSV-G: viral glycoprotein; ‚Viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus’; Rainbow trout, Turbot

SVCV: viral glycoprotein; Sprivivirus ‘spring viraemia of carp virus’; Carp

VERV: VLP; ‚Dicentrarchus labrax b-nodavirus’; Sea bass

IPNV: VLP; ‘Infectious pancreatic necrosis virus’; Salmon, Rainbow trout,

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 VLP TypI in TEM